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Stem cells are essential for life, and they can be found throughout our entire bodies. The tissues in your body are not the same as they were 10 years ago. Our body tissues are constantly breaking down and building back up. There is a harmonious balance between tissue breakdown and new tissue formation. In fact, some scientists believe that because the balance slowly shifts over time to tissue breakdown that is the reason that we age! Our skin completely replaces itself every 30 days. Our blood cells completely turn over every 4 months. The lining of our GI tract sloughs off in tiny amounts every day and is completely replaced in a month.

Our bodies are a miraculous machine….able to repair damaged and worn out tissue with new tissue of exactly the same type! Think about it….if we replaced GI tissue with skin tissue we would all starve to death because we would no longer be able to absorb nutrients. So the body can heal itself to a large extent….cut the skin, break a bone, bite your cheek….it all heals because those tissues have good circulation, and the body can bring growth factors and stem cells to the injured area and repair it.

Our joints can’t repair themselves like the rest of our bodies because they don’t have arteries inside them to give them adequate circulation. Because of this, over time and after trauma, our joint cartilage starts to wear out, sometimes this can happen slowly over years, and other times rapidly over a few months. The only remedy for a worn out joint is no longer just joint replacement. Stem cell therapy has changed all that. It will revolutionize the treatment of arthritis.

Take the Steps today to become Pain Free!

Step 1: Joint Preparation

This is a critical step to begin with to optimize the joint and facilitate the best outcome.

At Stem Cell Charlotte we provide 2 options for preparation:

– The Triple Prep
– Alpha 2 Macroglobulin

Step 2: Stem Cell and/or Growth Factor Injection

We offer you more options to choose from than any other clinic in the the area.

Stem Cell Therapy
– Bone Marrow
– Adipose (Fat) Tissue

Growth Factor Therapy
-Wharton’s Jelly
-Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Step 3: Bracing the Joint

Bracing the treated joint is a necessary part of the process.
Bracing allows the affected area to heal quicker when it is immobilized.
Once you are fitted into the proper brace, it will help optimize your treatment.

Step 4: Joint Rehabilitation

Studies have proven that growth factor therapy and stem cell combined with physical therapy is better than either one alone.
The joint itself has to heal, as well as the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Step 5: Growth Factor Boost

A ‘booster shot’ of growth factors 6 to 8 weeks after a stem cell or growth factor injection.
This gives the stem cells or growth factors all the help they can get to maximize the chances of joint healing.
At Stem Cell Charlotte, we use PRP, which is the best growth factor treatment.

Dr. James Altizer

Dr. James Altizer graduated from Davidson College in 1981 and immediately entered the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. After receiving his MD degree in 1985, he traveled to Augusta, GA to complete a 3 year internship and residency in Internal Medicine.

Stem Cell Charlotte

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