Stem Cell Treatment Areas

Have you been feeling pain in your joints? Whether from an injury, arthritis or age, we have a treatment plan that can help relieve your pain. Here are the few areas that we focus on:


Stem cell therapy is used to treat a variety of knee injuries and conditions that cause knee pain. This can help with Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Meniscus Tears and Sprains.

Stem cell therapy is a natural treatment for knee arthritis and knee injuries. At Stem Cell Charlotte, we almost always recommend a combined approach of high dose stem cells with collagen-based matrix or scaffolding because knee injury treatment requires an aggressive approach to prevent it from worsening. Scaffolding is like the steel framework of a high-rise building. The entire structure depends on a strong framework to work properly, and stem cell treatment for knee pain is a good example of this. The collagen in fat tissue serves as the framework in which the stem cells live and work. This allows the stem cells to incorporate themselves into the surrounding tissues more efficiently.

Using a combination of treatments, you should be upright and walking in no time.


The hip is one of the most important and largest joints in our body.

Typical conditions include:

-Arthritis in the hip
-Cartilage tears
-Ligament strains

Hip pain can happen with every step and movement. Our treatment offers a combined approach of high dose stem cells with collagen-based matrix.


Neck pain is common from sitting at a computer all day. This can put stress on neck joints, discs, and muscles.

Age is another factor. Arthritis can cause the discs and joints in the neck begin to degrade. Sometimes no symptoms can be notices, but often times, symptoms are exhibited by:


We use liquid-based bone marrow stem cell or growth factor injections to treat chronically inflamed neck muscles.

I had stem cell injections in my right shoulder. I’m right handed and could hardly use my right arm at all! It was extremely painful!! Ever since then it’s been like a miracle happened . Almost NO pain at all. Was definitely with the money, hope it stays like it is forever. Can actually sleep on it, before I couldn’t sleep at all, if I turned over the pain woke me, it was AWFUL!! Thanks Stem Cell Charlotte!!!

— Patricia P.

Add a testimonial from someone who loves your Back in 2012 I was involved in a very serious car accident that resulted in a bad shoulder injury. I tried everything and nothing got me any results, until I met Dr. Altizer. It took four years to find him but I am so glad I did, because today my shoulder is completely pain free, and has been for almost four years. I had the PRP injection in my left shoulder joint and the pain and stiffness have still not returned. Typically a PRP injection works for 2-3 years, but thanks to the steady hand of Stem Cell Charlotte I have been pain-free for even longer! I HIGHLY recommend this treatment to anyone struggling with a tough injury!

— Cameron D.

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